Perrine Vasseur

Development of our breeding program.

Jonathan and I have loved animals all of our lives. We are lucky to live in Malahide, Co.Dublin (Ireland) and have plenty of room for our animals.

We started breeding in 2006 after falling head over heals with the Bengal at an RDS supreme cat show. (That was Yuliya's Lola)

We took our time to develop and started breeding for three years only with Belouga and Custo. In 2009, Guyus Miss Million (Aka Millie) joined us. We built a green house and in 2010 two cat pens, a large one with a pond communicating with the green house connected to our kitchen door , the other facing the back of our house.

The Kittens are born and stay in our house and are well socialised when they leave our home. And when the Irish weather allows it, we bring everybody for a supervised walk in our enclosed garden !

Jonathan Kennedy

Breeding is a passion. It takes patience and time.

It is quite a lot of work and organisation to clean up all the litters, organise the food, bring the kittens to get vaccinated, do administrative work to get them registered, get the papers ready for a show, study the breed and what other breeders do, get veterinary knowledge, travel to U. K for shows...

What a reward to enjoy their company, the excitement of a new litter and see what your breeding program produces. What a privilege to witness a birth !


We recommend that you keep your precious Bengal indoors and if are going to let them unattended outside, make sure they are safe with an outdoor facility like this one. You can make an economical pen like our one (about €200 to €300 for the timber and netting) using special "cat netting" from zooplus . Don't hesitate to ask us advise about how to build it.

Secure outdoor play-ground for inside cats