Wild Waters boys

GCH ZaharaBengals TANGO Of Wildwaters

D.O.B : 27th of January 2012.
Tested PK-Def : N/N
HCM normalon the 19/04/2014 by Dr.Haroutunian.
Pedigree & offsprings pictures
Tango is the new kid on the block arrived straight from Alberta in Canada where Ann-Marie and I found him coincidentally at the Edmonton Cat Fanciers show.
It was a memorable, mad bengal breeder trip that resulted in Tango joining us, Pamela Barrett coming to judge at our CeltTICAt show in Dublin, and a new rogue friendship.
It was Tango's wild side that got me !

DGC Mainstreet ABEEKU BWE Of WildWaters

D.O.B : 31st of March 2011
HCM normal on the 19/10/2012 by Dr. Anne French.
Tested PK-Def : N/K
Pedigree & more offspring pictures
Debbie has bred almost all the cats in the 5 generations pedigree of Abeeku. I am aiming to claim the same one day ! This to me is a gauge of quality and control over the health and the look of the cats she produces. Abeeku has brought consistency to our program. He is a major love bug, purring and cuddling on the show bench. Thank you Debbie :)

Wildwaters Marti

Abeeku x Anjuna
D.O.B : 24th of July 2013
Tested PK-Def : N/N
HCM normalon the 19/04/2014 by Dr.Haroutunian.
Pedigree to come soon
Marti is a sibling of Zazie. He reminds me of his great grand father Stonehenge Wurthawate with his burly built (6kg at a year old on pictures below), massive neck and shoulder width. Everyting is sturdy about him, from legs to tail. I wouldn't be surprised if he could open a bottle of coke with his claw ! His pelt is tight and rosettes flow has no verticals.
He is a beast, a brute , the real alphamale that we have to keep away from other males that he taunts and challenges. Nevertheless, an easy cat to handle, gentle giant towards us, children, kittens and queens. He loves his cuddles and is supra obedient, he comes at a whistle. I am impatient for his first babies to be born.