Wild Waters GIRLS

CH WildWaters Anjuna Breeze

Bundas Custo x Guyus Millie
D.O.B : 18/06/2010
PK-Def : N/N
HCM normal in Jan 2014 by UCD veterinary.
Pedigree and offsprings pictures
We love Anjuna's long and sleek body and small ears. We were euphoric when she finalled twice at the bengal cat club show UK in 2011, 1st SP in Sue Hart Jones's ring and 2nd AB with Aline Noel. She was squeezed, stroked and kissed so much by her "ferry trip breath" owners it is lucky she didn't lose all her hair !

WildWaters Zazie

Anjuna x Abeeku
D.O.B : 9/11/2012
Tested PK-Def : N/K
HCM normal on the 19/04/2014 by Dr.Haroutunian.

Zazie is a second generation keeper out of Anjuna and Mainstreet Abeeku Bwe, the magic pairing here at Wildwaters. Those pictures were taken at 11 months old and we can't wait to show her as an adult. She got two 4th kitten finals at the Celticat 2013 show.

QueenAnne Maya of WildWaters

D.O.B : 23/08/2011
PK-Def : N/N
HCM normal on the 19/04/2014 by Dr.Haroutunian.
Pedigree and past kittens to come soon.
Maya is the velvet queen of hearts. She is gentle and self confident and arbitrates conflicts, negociating peace between other queens, nurses all the kittens, brings toys to human baby and kittens up and down the stairs with muffled miaows. She is line bred with Calcatta's lines and throws highly contrasted paw print rosetted coats with Abeeku.

Reference Queens

WildWaters Maracuja - Retired-

Millie x Abeeku
D.O.B : 6/12/2012
PK-Def : N/N
Maracuja has the wild pattern, loving temperament and a dash of necessary bengal madness ... and so much more ... She is enjoying her retirement at Charlie and co.

Guyus Miss Millions (Millie) - Retired-

D.O.B : 10/05/2009
PK-Def : N/N
HCM normal on the 19/10/2012 by Dr.Anne French.
Milie brought great type to our program as well as ligther tummies. She is now enjoying her retirement withher buddies Lumen and Dexter.